Xssentials Proudly Introduces the Savant Remote

The Only Remote You Will Need — Reserve Yours Today

Put your other remotes away, and use the intuitive touchscreen to switch easily between cable, Sonos, AppleTV, and Blu-ray. The Savant Remote works with over 380,000 of today's most popular entertainment devices and services. 



  • Gives you easy access to your favorite shows—and will even prioritize the channels you watch most.
  • Voice commands keep it simple —just say "Food Network" or "Apple TV"
  • Individual profiles give everyone in the family their own personal remote
  • Includes a host—the center of every Savant home.
  • Add Lamp Control to set the mood for movie night—then capture the scene and recall it anytime
  • Ready for bed? Simply press the microphone button and wish yourself a "Goodnight."


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